Our Lady of the Visitation Catholic Church
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Phone:   (303) 646-4964
Fax:         (303) 646-9811

Sacramental Emergencies (after-office hours Anointing of the Sick, the administering of Last Rites, and in case of death):  (303) 370-0330.

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Pastor email address:  olvpastor@olv.cc



The Queen of Heaven Cemetery is a consecrated and holy place solemnly dedicated to the Catholic belief in the dignity of the dead.  The guiding principle in the operation and upkeep of our cemetery is that it is a Corporal Work of Mercy:  to bury and honor the dead.


While primarily Catholic, our 15 acre cemetery provides perpetual care burial sites for people of many faiths, with picturesque views of the Front Range mountains and Plains to the West and uninterrupted prairie vistas to the East.


Unlike some cemeteries, we do not have any city/county residency restrictions.

Queen of Heaven is located in eastern Elbert County; within a 30 minute drive of the Southern Denver Metro Area (including the communities of Elizabeth, Kiowa, Franktown, Castle Rock and Parker).


We are a proud and active member of the U.S. Catholic Cemetery Conference (CCC).


About Us

Most Reverend Michael J. Sheridan (Bishop of Colorado Springs) dedicated the Queen of Heaven Cemetery; the only Catholic Cemetery in the Northern Region of the Colorado Springs Diocese on November 21, 2004.  It is located between the Towns of Kiowa and Elizabeth, in Elbert County.  The Queen of Heaven Cemetery is a non-profit corporation within the Diocese of Colorado Springs and is registered with the State of Colorado Secretary of State.


Queen of Heaven Cemetery is comprised of 15 acres of naturally maintained grounds, located on the Our Lady of the Visitation Catholic Church’s 60 acres. 


The Phase One area, called St. Peter, covers 1.2 acres of the 15 acre site.


The cemetery offers three types of interment:


-  traditional in ground casket burial (single-deep only),

-  in ground burial of cremated remains in our Urn Garden, and

-  cremated remains in either of the two, forty-eight niche Columbariums. 

   (If requested and necessary, the size of each niche does permits a double burial of up to 2 urns.)


The parish's Queen of Heaven Cemetery Committee oversees the day-to-day operations and future planning (e.g., lawn mowing, headstone placement, etc.).   This consultative committee, in turn, regularly reports to the Pastor; who is a standing (ex officio) member of the Queen of Heaven Cemetery Board of Directors.


An Endowment Fund (from 100% of the burial space sales) is set aside to maintain perpetual care of the cemetery grounds.


Pricing                                       (revised as of January 1, 2016)

Grave, Urn, & Columbarium Fees

Adult Grave             (5’ X 10’)



Infant Grave           (5’ X 10’)                



Infant Grave             (3’ X 6’)



Urn Garden            (2.5’ X 2.5’)



Columbarium       (Price includes the first opening and closing fee)



Columbarium         (second opening and closing fee)

$250.00 *



QOH Cemetery brochure (page 1).pdf 

QOH Cemetery brochure (page 2).pdf 

Grave Opening and Closing

Regular Depth           (Single)

$1,000.00 *

Cremains in ground (Urn Garden) and In-Plot Burial  Opening and Closing

$300.00 *

Infant Grave           (3’ X 6’)            Opening & Closing

$850.00 *


Infant Grave           (5’ X 10’)        Opening & Closing

$850.00 *


*  Amount paid in-full to the QOH Cemetery at the time of need through the OLV Parish Office.

*  Currently, our cemetery utilizes the Doric Vault Company (CVI Funeral Services) in Limon, CO.  As casket vaults are required at this cemetery, they have contracted with us to also open/close the burial plot for $850.00 (a savings of $150.00).  This is something that will be discussed and coordinated by the parish/cemetery office and the respective funeral home during the initial funeral arrangements planning.



We offer the following services:

  • Ground Burial (Interment):  Choose a space to secure your future generations a eternal resting place with family.   Caskets must be placed in a vault for below ground burials.  Only single-deep casket burials are permitted; we are unable to accommodate double-deep burial requests.
  • Cremation Burial (Inurnment):
    • Burial in our urn garden or
    • Burial in one of our niches in a Columbarium.


Perpetual Care

Queen of Heaven Cemetery is a perpetual care cemetery.  100% of the cost of your burial space is restricted to the Queen of Heaven Cemetery Endowment Fund for all future maintenance and perpetual care of the cemetery's grounds.  This assurances that our Queen of Heaven Cemetery will be well cared for, for future generations. 


The perpetual care fee is included in the prices noted above. 

Pre-Need Planning


We strive to help families pre-plan and prepare before the actual time of need.   When you plan ahead:

  • You can do so together as a family, relieving the anxiety and stress on a surviving spouse or sibling, while minimizing expenses and giving reassurance that the plans are just right - just what you would have wanted.
  • Children are not forced to make agonizing decisions for their parents, to try to cover funeral expenses at the time of need, or unfortunately have disagreements among siblings over what "Mom and Dad would have really wanted".

When you make your cemetery space purchase in advance, the price is locked (i.e., frozen).   No matter how high the prices are in the future, your family's cost stays the same.   The only cost that cannot be pre-planned or pre-paid is that of the cemetery's opening and closing fees (paid at the time of need).

To help you purchase your space before the need arises, we have several different payment options available.  We currently accept cash, checks, or money orders.   No installment payment plans or credit cards please.



Queen of Heaven Cemetery is located on the grounds of the Our Lady of the Visitation Catholic Church property.

Office Hours:   8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  (Monday through Friday)   (or by appointment)

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 1689
Elizabeth, CO  80107

Physical Address
34201 County Road 33
Kiowa, CO  80117-9006
Phone:  (303) 646-4964
Fax:        (303) 646-9811 


QOH Cemetery Survey Map.pdf

QOH Cemetery Burial Plot and Interment Listing (090916).pdf

Block 9:

Diagram, Block 9, Lot L.pdf     

Diagram, Block 9, Lot M.pdf

Diagram, Block 13, Lot N.pdf

Diagram, Block 9, Lot O.pdf

Diagram, Block 9, Lot P.pdf

Diagram, Block 9, Lot R.pdf

Diagram, Block 9, Lot S.pdf

Diagram, Block 9, Lot T.pdf

Diagram, Block 9, Lot U.pdf

Block 10:

Diagram, Block 10, Lot M.pdf

Diagram, Block 10, Lot N.pdf

Diagram, Block 10, Lot O.pdf

Diagram, Block 10, Lot S.pdf

Diagram, Block 10, Lot T.pdf

Diagram, Block 10, Lot U.pdf


Urn Garden       (Block 10, Section L)

Urn Garden-10L (3 to 48).pdf

Urn Garden-10 (49 to 96).pdf

Block 12:

Diagram, Block 12, Lot M.pdf

Diagram, Block 12, Lot N.pdf

Diagram, Block 12, Lot O.pdf

Diagram, Block 12, Lot P.pdf

Diagram, Block 12, Lot Q.pdf

 Diagram, Block 12, Lot S.pdf

 Diagram, Block 12, Lot T.pdf

 Diagram, Block 12, Lot U.pdf

I Columbarium  (St. Peter's)      (Block 12, Section L)

I Columbarium (front) (niches 1 to 24).pdf

I Columbarium (back) (niches 25 to 48).pdf

II Columbarium  (St. Peter's)      (Block 12, Section L)

II Columbarium (front) (niches 1 to 24).pdf

II Columbarium (back) (niches 25 to 48).pdf

Block 13

Diagram, Block 13, Lot L (Urn Garden).pdf

Diagram, Block 13, Lot M.pdf

Diagram, Block 13, Lot N.pdf

Diagram, Block 13, Lot O.pdf

Diagram, Block 13, Lot P.pdf

Diagram, Block 13, Lot Q.pdf 

Diagram, Block 13, Lot S.pdf

Diagram, Block 13, Lot S.pdf

Diagram, Block 13, Lot T.pdf

Diagram, Block 13, Lot U.pdf


Why choose a Catholic Cemetery.pdf 

About Cremation and the Funeral Liturgy.pdf 

About In Ground Burial.pdf 

Catholic Funeral Rites and Customs.pdf 

Frequently Asked Questions About Catholic Cemeteries (website) (2015).pdf

FAQs Regarding Funeral Liturgies and Etiquette.pdf

Bulletin, Funeral Preplanning Worksheet (070715).pdf

Bulletin, Funeral Preplanning Article.pdf

Bulletin Insert, Funeral and Estate Preplanning (2014).pdf

Article, Helpful Hints regarding a Eulogy.pdf

Diocese of Colorado Springs Christian Burial Procedures (2012).pdf


Bylaws - OLV QOH Cemetery Corporation (070715).pdf

2015 Queen of Heaven Cemetery Amended Articles of Incorporation (082815).pdf

Queen of Heaven Cemetery Advisory Committee Policy and Procedures (070715).pdf

Queen of Heaven Cemetery Policy and Procedures (070715) (Revised 050516).pdf

      QOH Cemetery Change #1 Ltr, No Doubledeep Casket Burials (092415).pdf

Queen of Heaven Cemetery Policy and Procedures Manual (attachments only) (070715).pdf

Queen of Heaven Cemetery Plot Transfer Form (070715).pdf 


Catholic Mutual Cemetery Inspection Checklist.pdf