OLV Parish - 2018 Calendar of Scheduled Parish Events  (Masses, adult faith formation activities, Knights of Columbus events, etc.)

2018 OLV Parish Calendar (050318).pdf


OLV Parish's Annual Picnic (Sunday, September 9, 2018  (following the 10:00 a.m. Mass))

Parish Picnic Announcement poster (2018).pdf

White Elephant Fundraiser Bulletin Insert (Parish Picnic) (2018).pdf


Mass Ministry Training Schedule (Altar Servers, Readers and EMHCs)        (September 15, 2018)

Altar Server, Reader and EMHC Training Announcement (Sept 15, 2018).pdf


Diocese of Colorado Springs' Respect Life Dinner and Keynote Speaker Presentation (October 16, 2018)

(Save the Date/Mark Your Calendar notice)

2018 Annual Respect Life Dinner and Speaker (Mark the Calendar) (101618).pdf 


OLV Parish Holy Hour - Respect for Life  (Sunday, October 21, 2018  (3-4 p.m.))

Holy Hour Prayer for Life OOS (102118) (Bulletin Announcement).pdf


 Holy Land Pilgrimage (November 7-17, 2018)

Holy Land Pilgrimage Brochure (November 7 to 17, 2018).pdf





OLV Adult Faith Formation Handbook (2018).pdf 


                Parish-level Individual Adult Faith Formation Presentation Announcements

Catholicism (a 10-week series with Bishop Barron)  

            (Tuesdays, August through October 2018)   

Bulletin Announcement, Bishop Barron Series on Catholicism (10 weeks) (2018).pdf 

Catholicism (The Pivotal Players, Volume I)      (a 6-week series with Bishop Barron)

             (Fridays, August through September 2018)

The Pivital Players Announcement (2018) (Bishop Barron).pdf

September 14, 2018

DVD Presentation Conversion Following the call of Jesus Christ (091418).pdf

October 12, 2018

DVD Presentation What is Islam Who is Muhammad (101218).pdf 

November 30, December 7, 14, 21 and 28, 2018

DVD Presentation A Journey Through Church History (113018 120718 121418 122118 and 122818).pdf

December 11, 2018

DVD Presentation Our Lady of Guadalupe (121118).pdf




Baptismal preparation classes are required for both parents and godparents.  Classes will be scheduled once a month on the following Sundays at 3:00 p.m. in the church.  Please call the parish office to RSVP (303-646-4964) in advance.  Thanks!

August 19  /  September 16 

October 21  /  November 18  /  December 23


                                                            2018 Communal Celebration within the Liturgy of the Mass

                                                Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick     (during the Sunday, 10 a.m. Mass):  

                                                                                                  October 28, 2018



Holy Land Pilgrimage (November 7-17, 2018)

Holy Land Pilgrimage Brochure (November 7 to 17, 2018).pdf


2019 World Youth Day (Panama) (January 21-28, 2019)

Announcement, 2019 World Youth Day (June 9, 2018 Deadline).pdf

Registration Form - 2019 World Youth Day - Panama - Diocese of Colorado Springs.pdf


2019 Pilgrimage to the Shrines of Italy  (June 3-12, 2019)